Olovo is located at the confluence of Stupčanica and Biostica that make Krivaja river. Gravity connection of Olovo to the north and northwest goes through the Krivaja river valley , to the northeast it goes through the river Stupčanica valley and to the south and southeast through the river Bioštica valley . In all these directions, the entire area around the river with beautiful natural motifs represents the tourist value with several natural jewels;

  • Canyon in Ćude;
  • Resort Zeleni Vir;
  • Ponijerka’s cave, and
  • Spa at Krivaja.

The backbone of the potential and the tourist offer of Olovo municipiality is de facto the springs of mineral water the municipality lays on.There are nine thermal- mineral water springs in the area of Olovo municipiality. One of these is located in the center of the town, where three well pumpings have already been installed.

Even in 1887 analysis of the composition of water and its temperature were carried out, which , according to the record of this period, was 31, 5 degrees C. “Thermal spring in Olovo is very generous, the source is broken and water erupts in several places. The water temperature is 36 degrees C “.

Records of the Ministry of Public Health of the SHS Kingdom tells about the water ‘’ unique in its chemical composition (slightly mineralized water)’’ and the temperature in the range of 34- 36 degrees C.

The basic characteristics of water have not changed for last 100 years, offering exceptional performance for the treatment of:

  • Rheumatic;
  • Gynaecological and skin diseases;
  • Diseases of the digestive system;
  • Eye Diseases;
  • Neurological diseases;
  • Injuries and post-surgical conditions.

At a distance of approx. 300 m from the source the hotel “Aquaterm”-Olovo was built. The hotel is founded as a Public Health

  • Institution, while professional hotel and medical staff provide services of:
  • Physical therapy;
  • hydrotherapy;
  • electrotherapy and
  • kinetictherapy.

The municipality is rich in cultural and historical heritage. The most important dimension of this heritage is tombstones, funerary monuments from the past of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tombstones are located at about 40 sites and represent the largest concentration in the territory of the municipality;

  1. Jela Šuma (Pine Forest), near the Ivan’s hill – Krivajevići path (3 monuments);
  2. Musići- Mramorje (out of 80 monuments 12 are decorted ) and are included on the UNESCO list;
  3. Bakići- 5 localities: a) below Klis b) Klis, c) Grabljica, d) Vlaškovac e) Slavanj;
  4. Kozjaci (9 monuments);
  5. Boganovići (38 tombstones);
  6. Križevići.

Out of 263 monuments you can find on these localities,61 are decorated. Besides tombs,what should be emphasized is the existence of the Obelisk at the end of the forest Vlaškovac (300 m above the Kamenica spring ). The monument is richly ornamented.

There are the church and shrine of St. Roch placed in the Bakići village, 1km away from the main road.

However, the most famous and oldest shrine in Balkan is the monastery of Sveta Gospa Olovska (The Olovo Shrine of Our Lady). It is a very important sacred object that people visit in increasing numbers every year and whose function is also in being the Franciscan monastery.

When it comes to religious buildings, the old mosque in Olovo was built more than four centuries ago(in 16th century), which is constantly in function. There is also the Orthodox Church on one of the hillside above the town. All religious buildings were preserved during the aggression on Olovo which represents a unique example of cohabitation in this area.

Along with spa, cultural and historical tourism, we will mention mountain biking, rafting, hiking(mountaineering) and free climbing path , which is particularly important because it is a natural rock and the challenge for potential users is higher.

The area of Olovo undoubtedly abounds in opportunities for hunting because it is rich in high, medium and small venison. Current hunting grounds are Kamenica, Velika Glava, Žeravica, Orlja, Smolin, Kruškovica, Drecelj. Hunting associations regulate and maintain these hunting grounds and are trying to gain hunting control and protect certain species.

Considering the water courses in Olovo, favorable environmental conditions and biological properties of the watercourse fishing is developed. Segregated fishing areas are in Boganovići, at the place of forming the Krivaja River and at ZeleniVir.

One of the most beautiful resort destinations is Zeleni Vir at the source of the river Bioštica which is surrounded by conifers, perfect for swimming and fishing.