Acorrding to its administrative organisation the town Olovo is a part of the Zenica-Doboj Canton. Olovo is located 50 km northeast of Sarajevo and 75 km from Tuzla.

It covers the area of 408 km and the population is about 10,000.

Olovo (lit., “lead”) was first mentioned in 1382 by the Latin name Plumbum, after the mining resouces exploited there at the time.

Historically,those were the first natural and economic resources exploited in Olovo. Olovo is not only known by lead mine. In recent past it is also known by its timber industry, which has recently been trying to be renewed and enhanced through various development programs.

In last decade a strategic shift in the economic development of the municipiality Olovo to tourism is being implemented, which is primarly based on thermal-mineral water exploitation in order to develop spa-recreation tourism in the future.

The above mentioned activity has no effects in adverse towards the environment of the municipiality.

This commitment has proved to be correct,especially after the floods in May 2014 when Olovo suffered significant damage.